How To Turn On Propane Fire Pit

How to light fire pit

Do you have an outdoor fire pit, but you don’t know how to turn on a propane fire pit? Don’t look further. You are here at the right place. It’s straightforward to light a propane fire pit, but some people are confused by lighting the propane fire pit. This is why we have mentioned some simple … Read more

Propane Tank Distance From Fire Pit

propane fire pit distance from house

If you are looking for the propane tank distance from fire pit, then you are here at the right place. Besides this, you will know all facts about how far your propane tank should be from your chair, house, building and much more. You need to properly take care of the propane tank because it … Read more

Propane Fire Pits FAQ

Propane fire pits

Some people think that they are fire pits experts. They think we don’t need to know about the fire pits FAQ, but they are wrong because fire can be dangerous if you know about some important propane fire pits questions to help you make a better decision. If you are the one who knows about … Read more

Rectangular Fire Pit Dimensions

Rectangular Fire Pit Dimensions

Are you looking for rectangular fire pit dimensions? But you are confused about its size, dimension then you are here at the right place. Most of the fire pit usually is larger than 4-5 feet, but it would be better to keep your patio size 4-6 feet on all sides, so you will not face … Read more

Do Propane Tanks Explode

Propane tank explosion

You may have seen propane tanks explosion in movies, games that can cause huge damage to the area, but in reality, you may didn’t saw this type of situations. Still, there is a lot of confusion that do propane tanks explode in reality like movies? The propane tank explosion is possible, but it happens very … Read more

Are Pavers Safe For Fire Pit

Pavers for fire pit

Instead of purchasing a gas fire pit, are you in the love of finding out the alternative of the same things at a low cost? Well, You are a hard worker person. But, When it comes to the fire pit, you may be confused about pavers safe for fire pit? In short, we can say … Read more

Can You Cook Over Propane Fire Pit

Cooking over propane fire pit

You already know that you can keep yourself warm using propane fire pits while camping or any other activity, but may it’s a bit confusing for you that can you cook over propane fire pit? In short, we can say that you can cook over the propane fire pit. Cooking over a propane fire pit … Read more

Can You Use A Propane Fire Pit On A Trex Deck

fire pit on a Trex deck

If we compared Trex decking with wood, Trex decking is better than wood because quick power washing is all the maintenance Trex requires. Besides this, if we talk about wood, so wood deck takes constant care. Simple is that Trex decking is more durable and long-lasting than wood decking. Are you don’t want to deal … Read more