Propane Tank Distance From Fire Pit

If you are looking for the propane tank distance from fire pit, then you are here at the right place. Besides this, you will know all facts about how far your propane tank should be from your chair, house, building and much more.

You need to properly take care of the propane tank because it can explode when you are not using proper precautions.

As you already know, the propane tank is the most affordable way to heat outside the home, but it can put your life in danger in different situations.

While using the tank, it’s essential to follow the safety best practices that will keep you and your family safe from accidents.

In this article, you will know about the propane tank’s and fire pit distance of different things: how far should be propane tank from house, building, trees, and much more.

Propane Tank Distance From Fire Pit

It’s recommended to keep your propane tank from the fire pit far as possible. If you have a significantly shorter hose, we recommend buying a long hose.

We recommend buying a fire pit with propane tank inside feature that can easily hold the propane tank, so you don’t need to keep the tank away from the fire pit.

If you have already purchased a fire pit that doesn’t have a propane tank hold feature, it would be better if you go for a propane tank holder. 

Keeping the propane tank away from the fire pit without any holder can be risky for your kids and pets because they didn’t understand the fire pit and propane tank and how they can lead to death.

Do you have a mature kid? Guide them about fire pits safety tips. If you don’t know about the safety tips, you can read fire pit safety tips below.

Propane Tank Distance From Building

The propane tank minimum distance from the building is 10 feet. If you keep the propane tank from your building more than 10 feet away, there will be no chance of fire hazards.

If you want to decrease the risk of injuries, then keep your propane tank away from the building as possible.

Propane Tank Distance From Building Osha

According to OSHA, the minimum distance of the propane tank from the building is 10 feet, and the maximum distance from the propane tank is 25 feet, but it depends on the tank capacity.

If you have a tank that can hold up to 500 gallons, we recommend keeping it away 10 feet from the building. Besides this, if you have a tank with a larger capacity and can hold up to 500-2000 gallons, keep them away 25 feet from the building.

Propane Fire Pit Distance From House

The fire pit distance from the house is 10-20 feet. Besides a house, it’s recommended to keep the fire pit away from trees and other structures.

It’s the minimum distance, and it doesn’t mean that keeping your fire pit from your house at that distance cannot lead to an accident.

It would be better if you keep the fire pit away from your house as possible so there will be less chance of fire hazards.

The minimum distance from the tank to the house is 10 feet, and the maximum distance from the propane tank to the house is 20-30 feet. If you want to keep the propane tank more away from the house, then your child, the pet, will be 100% safe from the fire pit.

Smoking Distance From Propane Tank

The minimum smoking distance from the propane tank is 10-20 feet. It’s not recommended to smoke near the propane tank. If you are a smoker lover, never smoke near the propane tank because it can lead to a disastrous explosion.

To prevent yourself from injuries, ensure to cover the propane tank adequately in a tank holder.

Propane Tank Safety Tips

Here are some important safety tips for the propane tank.

How To Handle Propane Tank

  • If you have portable propane fire pits, don’t use or store them in living space or basements.
  • While transporting the propane tank, properly secure it with a tank holder or fire pit with a tank hold feature.
  • Don’t leave the portable propane fire pits in your car, vehicles.
  • If you are using the propane tank in the building for cooking, heat, hot water, or other things, secure it properly.

Use Propane Gas With Care

  • Don’t use propane gas for BBQ grills and other grilling parties inside.
  • Do not use portable electric generators indoors – keep outside of the building
  • Refrain from using propane stoves or ovens for space heating

What To Do If You Feel Gas Smell

  • Turn off the gas valve of the propane tank quickly.
  • Identify the propane leak from the smell.
  • Don’t light the matches or lighter.
  • If you didn’t fix the leakage so call to propane tank expert to fix the leakage. Do you want to fix the leakage itself? Watch the below video.

Final Thoughts

That was all about propane tank distance from the fire pit, house, building, trees and much more.

If you have felt any leakage problem on your propane tank, ensure to follow the tank safety tips. If you are a beginner, leave the area, give instructions to your kids that don’t light the flame and call the expert to fix the problem.

It’s essential to keep your propane tank far from all the things that can lead to injuries.

Unfortunately, if the propane tank explodes, it can damage the current area with some distance, so ensure to follow the safety tips to prevent yourself from every kind of injury.

What accident can happen with you using a propane tank? Let us know in the comments section below. It will help our readers.

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