How to light fire pit

How To Turn On Propane Fire Pit

Do you have an outdoor fire pit, but you don’t know how to turn on a propane fire pit? Don’t look further. You are here at the right place.

It’s straightforward to light a propane fire pit, but some people are confused by lighting the propane fire pit. This is why we have mentioned some simple steps that will clarify all your confusion.

Remember, we have mentioned just the propane fire pit lighting method. Those who want to light the fire with wood can watch this video for wood fire pit lighting.

According to our opinion gas fire pit is better than a wood fire pit in numerous ways. The wood is expensive, not easy to take away from one place to another, embers issue and other problems you can face in the wood fire pit.

In some cases, the wood fire pit is better, but our website official website has all the information about propane fire pits that will give you clean and smokeless flame.

How To Turn On Propane Fire Pit

It’s very easy to light a propane fire pit. Let’s dive into the steps for lighting a propane fire pit.

Step 1:

Turn on the gas valve on your propane tank slightly but ensure to turn it on slightly for safety purposes. Before opening the gas valve, it would be better to keep the propane tank away from houses, buildings, and trees.

If you don’t know how far it should be, check out information about propane tank distance and safety tips.

Step 2:

If you have a fire pit that has ignition features, then push and hold the electronic igniter to create sparks to ignite the burner.


If you have a fire pit that doesn’t have an ignition feature, start a fire with a long lighter to turn on the fire pit. Push the lighter near the burner so your fire pit will be turned on.

The reason why we are recommending a long lighter because there will be less chance of getting your hand too close to the burner so that it will decrease the risk of injury and other accidents.

You may have an experience that sometimes fire starts with bloom, so if your hand is too closed near the fire, it can lead to any serious injury. This is why to protect yourself from injury, ensure to use the long lighter.

Step 3:

Push the control knob and turn it on. Once flames ignite, release the electronic igniter.

Before opening the valve more and making the valve setting on high, burn the fire for a few minutes. It all depends on the intensity of the flame.

Step 4:

You can adjust the height of the flame according to your desire height. If you have a fire pit that doesn’t have adjustable flame height control, you can put fewer lava rocks for less heat and more lava rocks.

Step 5:

Never leave the fire unattended. If you have left the fire unattended in an emergency, guide your kids who don’t go near the fire pit. Do you have a pet? Don’t trust your pet because they are animals. They don’t know about a fire pit that how dangerous a fire pit could be.

Still, you are confused by lighting your fire pit? Watch the video!

Final Thoughts

That was all about how to turn on propane fire pits and light them properly with precautions, and I hope after reading this article, you are now able to light your fire pit itself.

Turn on the propane fire pit, turn on the propane gas valve slightly and push the control knob to light your fire pit.

Do you have any other recommendations for turning on the propane fire pit? Let us know in the comments section below. It will help our readers.

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