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Are Pavers Safe For Fire Pit

Instead of purchasing a gas fire pit, are you in the love of finding out the alternative of the same things at a low cost? Well, You are a hard worker person.


When it comes to the fire pit, you may be confused about pavers safe for fire pit? In short, we can say that you can build a fire pit from pavers, but it would be better if you insulate all the materials from the heat before building the fire pit.

Nowadays, everyone loves to set on a patio every season with a fire pit. If you are in those peoples, we recommend buying a portable gas fire pit, and those who don’t have the budget to purchase a fire pit can read the below instructions for building the fire pit.

Let’s dive into the details pavers is safe or not?

Are Pavers Safe For Fire Pit

As you already know, that fire pit consists of inner and outer walls. If your fire pit follows the below instructions, you can say that your pavers are safe for the fire pit.

It depends on the pavers from what materials they are made of. If the inner walls of the pavers are made of fireproof building materials, so the pavers are safe for the fire pit, it would be better if the outer walls are heat resistant.

If the outer wall is made of these things such as masonry blocks, traditional brick, stone, so you don’t need to be worried about anything. Your pavers will be safe for the fire pit.

There is a solution to this destructive problem. Let’s dive into it; that will help you a lot.

Fire Pit Mat

Are you looking for a protective shield that you can place between the pavers and fire pit? A fire pit mat is the best option for you to keep your fire pit and pavers safe. The mats will keep your lawn from heat damages.

We recommend ordering the mats according to your fire pit size. The mats are made of high-quality materials that are heat resistant and ensure to keep safe any surfaces (lawn, garden and other places).

Do you want to protect your home? It would be better if you take other precautions and use mats to protect your home.

Fire bricks

Fire brick is made of fireclays, hydrated aluminum silicates, aluminum oxide and other high-quality materials that create oxygen holes for the fire. It’s the best option for you to protect over pavers and beneath the fire pit.

The fire brick will help you to protect the inside of the stove from the intense heat. If you have cement at your home, you can use cement to build a strong brick and use it for the fire pit.

We recommend choosing a solid, level surface. Besides this, don’t create too large a circle, for those who loved ring fire pit can go for a round fire pit.

If you want to set a temporary fire pit, then a 3-foot wide diameter area works well. Do you have a plan to cook over the fire? Before building a fire pit, find out the grill that fits perfectly on the fire pit.

How To Use Fire Bricks

The firebrick and regular brick are slightly different, so using firebricks ensures to follow the below steps properly.

  • Choose your firebrick and pattern according to your own choice.
  • Prepare your workspace properly.
  • Mix the mortar.
  • Add a skim coat ( Doing this step, try to remove air gaps).
  • Lay the floor.
  • Line the back wall.
  • Line the sidewalls and clean everything properly from every side.

Alternative Of Firebricks

Some people don’t like to use firebricks. This is why they are looking for the things that can be used instead of the firebricks so you can use these things in the place of the firebricks.

Red Clay Bricks

Red clay brick is the best option for you to consume instead of the firebricks. The heat retention of the red clay brick is outstanding. It can be used for the things such as roasting and baking. The functionality of the firebrick and red clay brick will same it is.


If you want to improve fireplace performance, then according to Benjamin Thompson, Soapstone is the best things to get a better fire experience. It will absorb the heat quickly, and this is why if you needed enough heating system, then go for soapstone.

Ankar Sandstone

Some people also love to use Ankar sandstone instead of fire pits because of its grey-green colour. The sandstone is a bit difficult to find out because it usually found on beaches and deserts underneath the sand.

How To Build A Fire Pit With Concrete Pavers

Final Thoughts

That was all about are pavers safe for the fire pit, and I hope it’s now clear to you that pavers are safe for the fire pit, but it depends.

We have mentioned few things that will help you to keep your lawn and other areas from damages. Our suggestion is that go for a fire pit mat or fire bricks.

Otherwise, if you don’t have the budget to buy these things, you can try building a fire pit at home.

If you don’t like to use firebricks, we recommend using red clay bricks, soapstone, and Ankar sandstone instead of the fire pit.

How are you keeping your lawn safe from damage? Let us know in the comments section below. It will help our readers.

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