How to arrange lava rocks

How To Arrange Lava Rocks On A Gas Fire Pit

Most people love to keep themselves warm using propane fire pits, but some complaint about the uneven heat. The problem is not on your fire pit. You didn’t know how to arrange lava rocks on a gas fire pit. Let’s dive into it in detail.

The lava rock is the essential part of the propane fire pit. Do you want to say goodbye to the firewood ashes and other problems? A propane fire pit with lava rock is the best alternative to traditional firewood.

You may require more firewood to enjoy the high flame, but lava rocks will keep the fire on for a longer time rather than firewood.

The gas fire pit can give a fantastic look to your patio, garden, and backyard. For maintaining the fire, it’s essential to have expert knowledge of the lava rocks arrangement.

You need to follow these tips for arranging lava rocks in the fire pit.

There are different methods of arranging the lava rock on the fire pit, but it depends on the size of the fire pit. Besides this, it depends on how much people want to sit across the fire pit, so we recommend adding lava rocks according to your needs.

How To Arrange Lava Rocks On A Gas Fire Pit

Before running a fire pit, it’s essential to arrange the lava rocks properly. It’s just for your safety and even heat distribution. Before adding the lava rocks, we recommend wet both stones and rocks surrounding the fire pit. It will help you a lot from flying around and ensure that you made the lava rocks arrangement properly that will distribute heat evenly.

If you didn’t arrange the lava rocks properly so it may didn’t distribute the heat evenly, or you may face any other problem.

Do you want to give a decorative look to your gas fire pit? We recommend using the larger stones to form corners and outlines for the design.

It would be better to fill the fire pit with enough lava rocks to cover the fire ring properly. Don’t use any gravel or rock in lava rock places because it may explode when heated and become dangerous for you and your family.

Heat Retention

If you want to enhance the look of the fire pit so you can try different natural fire rocks such as fire glass, glowing rock, and lava rocks. According to your fire pit BTU output, most people love to use lava rocks and fire glass that distribute the heat evenly around your fire pit.

Once you added lava rock or fire glass to the fire pit, its burning can give a more beautiful look to your backyard and garden.

Lava rocks are considered the best at retaining heat, and they retain the heat for a longer time. When all the lava rocks burn completely, the fire pit may still produce good heat, and they will become cool after 20 minutes when you turn off the flame.

Wheather Proofing

Ensure to go for a weatherproof fire pit because if you enjoy the fire pit while performing an outdoor activity so rain, wind can occur anytime. So in this situation, you will need to weatherproof the lava rocks, and the weather-resistant feature in the fire pit will keep your fire pit safe from wind and rain.

Burner Protection

Sometime’s you may have face the problem of cracking lava rocks. Here is a tip on how you can reduce cracking lava rock and burner. As you already know that lava and rocks are very hard. They might damage your burner if you didn’t arrange and use lava rocks properly.

If you want to prevent burner and lava rocks damages, we recommend putting a grate that will help to separate the lava rock from the burner. It would be better if you choose a fire pit that has a strong burner.

Long Lasting

Are you the lover of three-stone cooking fires? So you can create three store fire pit by arranging lava rocks. The three-store fires are open fires. So superheated space is adequately created among the cooking vessel and the fire.

We recommend choosing three stones of the same color, size because they will fit together perfectly. Besides this, ensure to go for an exact shape of three stones so you can easily stack them securely.

Ensure to consume your lava rocks quickly. The lava rocks last 1-2 years or longer, but it depends on the usage of your fire pit. Over time lava rocks may deteriorate and start breaking apart. This is why it’s recommended to consume your lava rocks as soon as possible.

Complete Gas Fire Pit Look

Final Thoughts

That was all about how to arrange lava rocks on a gas fire pit, and I hope it’s now clear to you that fire pit arrangement is essential for even heat distribution.

If you are a larger group of people, we recommend adding more lava rocks but filling the burner to provide enough warmness for you and your family.

For a sturdy foundation, it’s recommended to put a layer of pea gravel or sand at the bottom of the fire pit. 

Place the lava rocks around the fire pit and burner and cover the burner. The propane fire pits give more heat when you add more lava rocks.

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