Rectangular Fire Pit Dimensions

Rectangular Fire Pit Dimensions

Are you looking for rectangular fire pit dimensions? But you are confused about its size, dimension then you are here at the right place.

Most of the fire pit usually is larger than 4-5 feet, but it would be better to keep your patio size 4-6 feet on all sides, so you will not face any issue while sitting around the fire pit.

The best height for the fire pit is 12-14 inches tall, but some people love a more heightened fire pit because this size is a bit shorter than standard patio furniture seat height so that you can go for an 18-20 inch fire pit, according to your needs.

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Let’s dive into the round, square, rectangular fire pit dimensions.

Rectangular Fire Pit Dimensions

The fire pit has different sizes. Even you have a rectangular, round or square fire pit. Besides Amazon’s different stores providing fire pit products, the rectangular fire pit comes in 24-30 inches sizes. 

The built-in unit has an exterior dimension of 36-58 inches. If you have any plan of sitting around the fire pit near the wall, we recommend keeping your fire pit away from the wall.

Round & Square Fire Pit Dimensions

The ideal size of the fire is 36 to 44 inches in inner diameter. This creates enough space for a healthy fire. The ideal size of the fire is 36 to 44 inches in inner diameter. This creates enough space for a healthy fire. As an added precaution, the fire pit should be lined with a thick steel ring like the ones used for park campfires.

How Deep Should My Fire Pit Be

The fire pit’s depths depend on what things you want to use and how you’re going to get into your project. If you are looking for a basic fire pit, we recommend going for 6-8 inches. It’s just recommended size. You can select deeper according to your needs.

How To Build Rectangular Fire Pit

Final Thoughts

That was all about rectangular fire pit dimensions, and I hope it’s now clear to you that what should be the fire pit dimensions; however, you have a round, square and rectangular fire pit.

The optimal size for a fire pit is between 36 and 44 inches inside diameter that can create enough space for a fire. The height of the fire will be high on a high flame setting and low on a low flame setting.

Before choosing a fire pit, ensure to check out the fire pit size, style according to your budget.

Do you have a store-purchased fire pit? The size of the store-bought fire pit is 24 to 30 inches in diameter.

The diameter of the integrated unit ranges from 36 to 58 inches. The height may vary depending on the low-fire bowl and higher models.

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