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Best Rectangular Propane Fire Pits Reviews [ Updated 2022 ]

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Image Name Weight Output Price
Outland Living Series 403 96 Pounds 50,000 BTU Check Price On Amazon

Are you bored sitting around the round fire pit? The round propane fire pits will emit good heat to the people around the fire pit, but if you want to sit on the sofa in an outdoor area for a longer time and want to keep yourself the warmth, you may not feel more stable while sitting near the round fire pits.

This is why we will recommend going for rectangular propane fire pits because they blend outstanding with a modern home’s design and create a beautiful look.

If you want to enjoy the fire pit near the swimming pool or any other area for a large group of people, a rectangular fire pit will give good heat instead of the round fire pits.

The best shape and size fire pit depending on the area’s dimension and usage environment. For a smaller group, the square fire pit is recommended, and for a larger group, rectangular is more suitable. Here you will know about the rectangular fire pit dimension.

Let’s dive into the rectangle gas fire pit in details.

Quick Look Of The Best Rectangular Propane Fire Pits

Image Name Weight Output Price
Outland Living Series 403 96 Pounds 50,000 BTU Check Price On Amazon
Best Choice Products 78.35 Pounds 50,000 BTU Check Price On Amazon
BALI OUTDOORS 77.5 Pounds 60,000 BTU Check Price On Amazon
The Legacy Heating 64.9 Pounds 50,000 BTU Check Price On Amazon
Giantex  53 Pounds 60,000 BTU Check Price On Amazon
The Outdoor GreatRoom Company 50 Pounds 55,000 BTU Check Price On Amazon
 U-MAX N/A 50,000 BTU Check Price On Amazon
ECOTOUGE  N/A 50,000 BTU Check Price On Amazon
Grand patio 91.8 pounds 45,000 BTU Check Price On Amazon
NICESOUL  N/A 55,000 BTU Check Price On Amazon

Top 10 Rectangular Propane Fire Pits

1. Outland Living Series 403 Fire Table


  • BTU Output: 40,000
  • Style: Rectangular propane gas fire pit table
  • Assembly Required: Yes

It comes in brown color and gives an output of 50,000 BTUs that are enough for a larger and smaller group. It is also considered as the coffee table fire pit for indoor and outdoor use. This fire pit table will add the perfect addition to the backyard, patio and makes it more stylish.

This is very stunning rectangular propane fire pits that will perfectly fit any outdoor space. You can install it on the non-combustible floors only. It will not burn when subjected to heat or fire.

The push ignition system will provide easy control if you want to light due to the chrome manual control valve. The height of the flame will be easily controllable and smoke-free. It comes with a 3-ft hose with regulator, Arctic ice decorative glass rock set, 8 mm black tempered glass tabletop, and 15.5 lb.

It has a powder-coated aluminum frame that is very sturdy and makes the whole fire pit long-lasting. The chrome-plated pull rings provide easy access to the interior part. The instruction is simple, and it’s easy to put together.

You can set the foods, drinks on the table, and the bottom of the surface did not get hot but don’t place items close to the flame.

On the lowest setting, the flame of this fire pit table goes very high, and the propane tank easily tucks underneath. It also has room for the lid, but it is sold separately.

We recommend ordering an extra kit with the breaker, cover, and lid, that helps to be store the table from the rain and dust.

Key Features:
  • The chrome knob provides an easy flame height adjustment.
  • The chrome-plated pull rings provide easy access to the inner compartments.
  • All weather-resistant materials make them easy to use in any weather.
  • The ignitor device works perfectly.
  • The glass cover supports brackets before tipping the table right side up.
  • Elegant funnctionality
  • Outstanding design
  • Sturdy unit
  • No tripping hazards
  • Alots of rooms
  • Slightly expensive
  • Glass is thick

2. Best Choice Products Rectangular Gas Fire Pit Table


  • BTU Output: 50,000
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Assembly Required: Yes

This is the rectangle fire pit with propane tank inside feature that hides the tank quickly with the side door. It works outstanding with the 20-pound propane tank and gives an output of 50,000 BTUs. To prevent the tank from shifting, a securing strap is also included.

The frame of this fire pit is weather-resistant, rust-proof, that protects the heating elements and lasts for many years due to its durability. If you want to cover the burner, you can easily cover it to entertain your guest more.

The flame of this fire pit is ample in height that is probably about 7″ while sitting around this table. If you keep your coffee above the midpoint so it will keep your coffee hot. You can drink it gradually and share a memorable day with your friends and family members.

It gives a lot of heat, and its top gets hotter gradually. The sides and its bottom will stay cool. You will not face any issue while sitting it closely.

How To Assemble

The assembly instruction is very easy. Here is assembly advice from an expert!

Don’t tighten the bolts. Leave all the bolts loose until it’s all together. Once you add the weight with glass and propane tank, directly adjust the feet to level, the table will fit perfectly with more sturdiness.

If the screw in the propane tank didn’t match the holes on the opposite side so you can drill the new holes, it would work perfectly.

Key Features:
  • A convenient side door helps hide the propane tank, so you don’t need to purchase the tank holder separately.
  • A weather-resistant aluminum frame that gives protection from rain and wind.
  • The glass beads and the cover is removable.
  • A protective cover ensures the table withstands the elements.
  • Easy ignition button and flame height adjustment setting.
  • Hideaway tang storage
  • Emits good heat
  • High flame height
  • Waterproof cover
  • Side & bottom stay cool
  • The supplied cover is junk
  • Not come with natural Gas conversion

3. BALI OUTDOORS  Rectangular Propane Fire Pit Table


  • BTU Output: 60,000
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Ignition Type: Piezo

Do you want to add more additional decoration to your backyard, patio and garden? The Bali Outdoors rectangular gas fire pit will give a more distinctive look to your favourite area. It has a slate top and steel stamped wicker base. There will be no ashes, and you can enjoy the heat of this fire pit table up to 60,000 BTU.

This rectangular gas fire pit table is constructed from durable, weather-resistant materials that make the fire pit long-lasting. Its frame and body are made of sturdy aluminum materials.

The tiles of this fire pit table are removable, so you can change them any time you want. It has a black flame adjustable knob for flame control. It comes with a lid that allows you to cover the burner bowl when you are not using the fire pit.

You can easily conceal the propane tank inside, so you don’t need to keep away your kids from the propane tank. It will perfectly complement any outdoor space. It is functional in every season.

If you don’t want to light up the fire pit in the summer, you can use this rectangular propane fire pits as a tabletop and keep your drinks foods on the top. You need to purchase its cover separately.

The fire pit table base is made of steel, and its top is a ceramic tile that is replaceable. Its base has a gold color, and the tabletop has a light grey pattern.

It’s a modern design fire pit table, so we recommend you sitting on top of the sofas. It will emit good heat even you are sitting on land or on top.

Key Features:
  • It comes with a hose regulate valve set, 5 lbs blue crystal fire glass, 28Pcs bolt hardware.
  • It is functional in every season, such as summer, spring, autumn and winter.
  • Replaceable ceramic tile that allows you to fit your favourite one.
  • 60,000 stainless steel burner emits enough heat.
  • Black flame adjustable knob for flame control.
  • Space of fire table base
  • Base is painted with a different color
  • Weather resistant
  • Durable
  • Classic fire
  • No natural gas conversion kit
  • Cover sold separately

4. The Legacy Heating Propane Fire Pit Pits Dinning Table


  • BTU Output: 50,000
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Fuel Type: Propane gas

The heat output of this dining table is 50,000 BTU, and it’s made with aluminum construction with a stainless steel burner lava glass. The stainless steel burner is very strong that is long-lasting. It is protected from the elements by a hammered black finish and has a great look.

A standard 20 lb tank (sold separately) can be stored easily inside the table. It comes with a table lid and cover protection for long term use. Once you store the propane tank, you can easily access the door on the side for exchanging the propane tank.

It puts off great heat that can light the area where you are consuming this fire pit table. This is why if you don’t like too much shiny, then don’t buy this one. The hammered metal is very shiny and sturdy. If you mistakenly drop heavy things on it, the fire pit will be fine, and not a single scratch will come over it.

It comes with a protection cover, but some buyers say that they are not durable because it’s made of plastic materials. If you are facing the same issue, go for another cover or make it your owns.

Multi Purpose Usage

Besides the fire pit table, are you also looking for a regular table? It can work as a regular table as well. When the table becomes cool, put the cover on and use it as a regular table by keeping your drinks and foods.

You can leave the wine glass on the ledge. It will warm up, so you can enjoy it by consuming it gradually.

This aluminum outdoor gas fire pit has only a cover issue. The cover is made of plastic materials. This is why we recommend purchasing the extra cover with it.

Key Features:
  • Adjustable flame height.
  • A reliable control knob works perfectly.
  • You can keep the propane tank inside this fire pit table.
  • It is made of aluminum materials with a durable coating for long-lasting.
  • Long-lasting stainless steel burner with glass bean included.
  • Extruded aluminum materials
  • Easily put together
  • Used as a regular table
  • Play games on it when not in use
  • Worked flawlessly
  • Plastic cover
  • Poor assembly instructions

5. Giantex Rectangular Propane Fire Pit Table


  • BTU Output: 60,000
  • Material: PVC
  • Fuel Type: Liquefied Petroleum Gas

This outdoor fire pit table is made of durable, heavy-duty and steel materials that protect the surface from damages. It comes with a PVC waterproof cover that gives good protection in rain and windy weather. The electronic ignition setting works great that generates a high voltage spark and light up the fire pit quickly.

The table is ELT, and the burner is CSA certified. The side door has a magnetic clasp for the easy storing propane tank. This fire pit comes with a fixing ring at the bottom, so it will be properly secured when you fit it perfectly at any place.

It gives an output of the 60,000 BTU stainless steel burner that provides plenty of warmth to people. It will consume low fuel gas from the propane tank and give clean burning without smoke and ashes.

This is also called multi using fire table. When you don’t use this fire table for heating, you can easily convert it to the outdoor side table, regular table, storage table and much more. You can place the drinks, snack and your foods on this fire table.

The lava rocks design is very friendly that may match your furniture, the weight of this fire table is 53 lbs, and the propane stove capacity is 20 lbs.

It has an embossed door with an exquisite handle for easy access. You can adjust the flame according to your needs.

After releasing the ignition button, ensure to press and hold the control knob for 10-20 seconds. It will allow a continued release to the propane and will feed your flame more quickly.

Key Features:
  • The frame is made of sturdy steel that is durable and last long.
  • The table cover is removable with a pull tab.
  • Embossed side panels and cermaic tabletop for many purpose usage.
  • PVC storage cover for rain protection.
  • Suitable for different outdoor occasions such as patio, backyard, poolside and garden.
  • Adjustable flame
  • Lava rocks can be replaced
  • Water resistant cover
  • Easy side door access
  • Propane tank store inside
  • Hard to put together
  • It turns off on its own at the beginning

6. The Outdoor GreatRoom Company Rectangular Gas Fire Pit Table


  • BTU Output: 55,000
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Natural Gas Conversion: Yes

This is the most expensive rectangular propane fire pits on our list, but you will not regret its price if we compared its quality to our other recommended products. It offers a 55,000 BTU output that will keep you warm in extremely cold weather.

It had a high top. When you turned on the fire table, the flame will arise inside a mirror shape design top. This fire table has more space so you can keep the drinks, foods on the side.

The side door will help you to store the propane tank inside. If you want to exchange the propane tank or fill the same propane tank, you can easily access the door.

It comes with a manual ignition feature with a battery-operated sparker. The grey glass cover burner is also included in the package. It also comes with a kit for natural gas conversion, but you may need to purchase the hose to connect the fire table to the natural gas hookup.

The top and bottom of this fire table is grey. You can use a tempered glass windshield.

It will provide a lot of heat. You will feel the heat when you walk your patio, garden about 8-10 feet away from the table.

We will recommend ordering it’s a glass shield, it may be a bit expensive, but you will love it. You can add blue rocks as well.

Key Features:
  • It has a flat black frame with dark grey/brown composite materials.
  • The door is easy to access for propane tank storage.
  • Control the flame according to your needs.
  • Puts great output away, even you are walking in the garden.
  • Direct spark automatic ignition system for easy on/off.
  • Elevated Top
  • Great burner cover
  • Easy to maintain
  • Powder-coated aluminum frame
  • Puts out lots of heat
  • Very Exepnsive
  • Less reviews

7. U-MAX Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit Table


  • BTU Output: 50,000
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Burner Materials: 304 stainless steel

The design of this fire pit table is unique. It is protecting your health and keeping the environment clean. It supports the propane tank and produces clean burning. This fire pit offers a 50,000 BTU output that providing ample warmth in the extremely cold winter. It’s CSA approved so that you can use it on the fire restriction areas.

The ignition system offers convenient control when lighting, but the AAA battery is required. The control panel and the burner of the fire pit are made of 304 stainless steel. It is reliable, weather-resistant, the frame is coated with aluminum materials.

This gas fire pit table comes with a burner lid, cover, 2.4FT Hose & Regulator, decorative glass stone set 11lbs, accessories bags, screws and other necessary nuts.

The fire pit has a unique tempted glass that is easy to clean. The size of this fire pit table is 44 inches wide and 24.5 inches tall that can easily accommodate 4-6 persons. A glass lid allows you to convert this table to a dining table.

The base features allow you to store the propane tank. Do you think that the burner copper wire is too short? Here is how to solve this issue.

We recommend to unbolt the whole pan assembly and rotate it to 180 degrees. That’s it now the wire will reach fine.

The flame is adjustable, but if you love to keep the flame higher, we recommend turning it on normal to consume more gas.

Key Features:
  • Convenient slide-out design for storing propane tank.
  • Great burning time on the high and low flame setting.
  • The auto electronic ignition feature will help you to adjust the flame easily.
  • Tempered glass stone included.
  • Easily convert the table into a regular table.
  • Black hand woven rattan
  • Unique design
  • Safe bonfire
  • Durable
  • High quality materials
  • Slightly less glass rocks provided
  • Brackets are little short

8. ECOTOUGE Outdoor Propane Fire Pit Table


  • BTU Output: 50,000
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Materialis: Stainless steel

Different traditional bonfire produces smokes and smog, but this one is completely different from those fire pits tables that produce smokes and unwanted environments. The heat output of this 50,000 BTU can lead to a romantic bonfire environment. You can hide the propane tank from visual neat.

It is made of stainless steel, glass fibre, magnesium oxide, and other high-quality materials. Do you want the fire pit flame more stable? We recommend adding a wind guard to the fire pit table.

This fire pit table will provide a clean flame and shiny lighting to your backyard, patio and garden. The windshield ensures great safety. If its glass is broken accidentally, your child will not be injured and will not hurt you.

The table is light weighted and can be easily moved with two peoples. You will love its flame height. Besides this, you can use it as a regular table. It has a good ledge for drinks, food and other stuff. You can keep your legs above as well.

You can take the glass off, it depends, and we recommend using it when there is windy weather and you want to keep the flame stable.

If you need more room on the table, you can create it because there is a black cover for adding more rooms. The height, size, everything is perfect!

It will emit perfect heat on the low setting, and on the high setting, it will produce very warm heat.

Key Features:
  • Weather protection cover for rainy days.
  • Convert it to the side table.
  • Adjustable knob for flame height.
  • Stainless steel lid and stainless steel protection are very durable.
  • Rotatable feet like a chair.
  • Side handles
  • Multifunctional tank storage
  • Easy to use
  • Tempered glass wind guard
  • Decorative glass stone
  • No hinge on the lid
  • Not come with cover

9. Grand patio Outdoor Propane Fire Pit Table


  • BTU Output: 45,000
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Assembly Required: No

It has an 18″ linear burner that provides the perfect atmosphere in any outdoor area. It has all-weather resin wicker which colour is locked in PVC coating, which means it will be much less likely to fade in the sun. The steel frame is powder-coated and rust-resistant.

This table has durable ceramic tiles at the top that provides an exhausting look like a real stone. It’s removable that helps in cleaning. The integrated push ignition button offers an easy start and flame adjustment.

The heat output is 45,000 BTU that is enough for keeping yourself and your family warm. You can easily access the interior storage by opening the doorknob. It comes with a cover, so you can convert this table to the coffee or dining table when you turn off the flame. Cover the burner and enjoy the coffee on this table.

The cover is the metal lid that fits perfectly over the flame area. The assembly is pretty easy and well went together without a hitch.

There is enough space on the table so you can set the foods, drinks and enjoy it with warm heat. The side panels of this table is very strong fabric stretched between the metal edges.

You can pull chairs up and eat at this table, there will be no too much overheating, but it would be better if you set the chairs on the low side.

We recommend buying blue glass fire beads and put on them. It will look amazing when the flame is glowing against them.

Key Features:
  • You can use this table for multi-purposes.
  • It comes with a cover, hose & regulators, tools required for assembly.
  • The top has been removed for easy cleaning.
  • Stone look ceramic tile tabletop.
  • Real flames without the hassle of smoke and ash.
  • Removable lid
  • Easy flame adjustment
  • Ignition controls
  • Easy on/off
  • More space for drinks & foods
  • Glass fire beads not included
  • Less reviews

10. NICESOUL Rectangle Propane Fire Pit


  • BTU Output: 55,000
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Fuel Type: Liquefied Petroleum Gas

This is the last rectangular propane fire pits on our list, and it comes with a double pipes burner functionality. The design of this fire pit table is very stylish, and it comes in grey colour wicker. It is made of high-quality materials that are suitable for all weather.

The aluminum frame is very strong and sturdy. Its stainless steel burner provides an output of 55,000 BTU. The push-button spark ignition system provides convenient control. The chrome manual control allows the smoke-free and variable flame height at different settings.

You can keep the propane tank inside the table and can easily access the storage area. Do you want a full set with chairs? It’s also available, there are different prices and option for it, select your favourite set according to your needs.

It’s easy to install, but while installing, ensure that you don’t tighten the screws at first. It will come with blue beads. It may match your patio set, but if it’s not matching your patio set so you can order it with a complete matching set.

The glass around the fire pit is looking beautiful. If you have big dogs and wonder that their tail will catch fire, don’t worry because the table is elegant and versatile.

When the fire pit is on or off, there is enough space for keeping cold drinks and foods.

The photos in the products show white and red beads, but you will receive blue beads, so don’t be worry about the blue one is best than the other ones.

Key Features:
  • 8 mm black tempered glass desktop 15.5 lb.
  • The stainless steel burner made the table long-lasting.
  • Table cover included.
  • Arctic ice glass rocks.
  • Chrome flame adjustable knob.
  • Full set available
  • May matched your patio set
  • Decent table
  • Double pipes functionality
  • Auto ignition system
  • Less fire glass
  • Heavy pressure on top may release the door

Can a fire pit be rectangular?

Fire pits can come in a variety of shapes and sizes! It’s important to remember that size does matter for fire pits. Another thing to keep at the front of your mind is to try to buy a fire pit with brick or traditional construction, or the design is modern that can give an excellent look to your patio, backyard, and garden

Can you put a gas fire pit in a wood table?

Gas fire pit tables are easy to set up and don’t require hard work. They can be used on decks, patios, or other outdoor spaces for those who have an interest in placing them on specific surfaces! It depends on where you want to set it, and you can put it on the wooden deck.

How big is a fire pit rectangle?

When building a fire pit, it’s essential to consider its safety, size, and style. The optimal inside size of a fire bowl is between 36 and 44 inches in diameter, and that will create enough room for a fire but still keep gatherers close enough to chat. Other structures are also available. Go for your favorite one.

Final Thoughts

That was all about rectangular propane fire pits, and I hope now it’s clear to your which one is the best rectangle gas fire pit that fulfils all your needs.

The rectangular fire table is a bit expensive than round tables because you can use the rectangular table as a regular table.

Besides this, a Rectangular fire table provides enough heat to the larger group of peoples. If you want to set on your sofas and enjoy the fire pit’s warmness, you will love the rectangular shape fire pit.

If you don’t have too much time to read the whole article, we recommend reading key features, pros & cons, and product specifications.

Which rectangular fire pit have you selected, and how was your experience with it? Let us know in the comments section below. It will help our readers.

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