Outdoor Fire Pit Chairs: A Buyer’s Guide

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For people who typically spend long periods outside but still want some space for socializing or lounging indoors, fire pit chairs offer that comfort at a reasonable price point.

Fire pits aren’t just for certain times of the year anymore! These days, they’re perfect for any season. Whether you’re hosting a party, relaxing at the beach, or enjoying a quiet night under the stars, fire pits are an easy way to create a cozy atmosphere in your yard

Fire pits are great for entertaining guests, but they’re also useful when you just need to relax after a long day at the office. These creative fire pit seating ideas will help you create your own cozy spot. Each item is independently selected, though our editors may earn compensation if you purchase something through our links.

Outdoor Fire Pit Seating Ideas

The perfect fire pit area is all about seating. Your fire pit chairs should be comfortable, practical, and able to withstand the elements for years to come. And, they should add a bit of style to your entertaining space too.

Whether you are looking for a whole outdoor furniture set, coffee table with Adirondack chair, or just a chair, there are plenty of options and designs for every outdoor space. 

You also need to consider whether you are interested in a modern design or whether you would prefer a rustic fire pit chair.

What to consider when buying a fire pit chair?

When it comes to finding the perfect fire pit chair, comfort should be the number one priority. After all, you’ll likely be spending a fair amount of time sitting in this chair, so it’s important that it’s comfortable.     In addition to a comfortable chair, you’ll also want to find a chair that is stylish and durable. A chair that is both comfortable and stylish will add a touch of sophistication to your outdoor space, while a durable chair will last for years to come.

When you enjoy time outdoors, Adirondack chairs provide a comfortable seat.
Outdoor fire pit chairs are a lot like outdoor furniture: rugged, but expensive. (The latter is especially true for higher-end models that are made to last over several years.) Their value is mostly in the fact that they look nice, so it’s a trade-off.

That said, outdoor fire pit chairs should be durable. The best ones are robust enough to take the abuse of daily use and still look good while doing it.

They should also be weather resistant.  Weather resistant chairs are made to withstand all types of weather, from rain to snow. They are perfect for any outdoor event, and they are sure to keep you comfortable no matter what the weather throws your way.

Available in a wide range of colors, the Adirondack chair set also comes with a convenient cup holder, so you don’t have to worry about spilling your drink ever again!

Also make sure that you get chairs that can support up to 300 pounds of weight as you never know when you may have a visitor that happens to weight a lot.

The chairs will be close to the fire, which is why you should take special care to avoid materials that are flammable since they will be placed close to the fire.

Also check out the warranty.  It should be for at least 12 months and if possible try to get a chair that has a 100 satisfaction guarantee for a period of time.

Finally, you want a chair that has an ergonomic design for maximum stability and comfort.

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Adirondack Chairs For Fire Pits

When you’re looking for the perfect piece of furniture to place around your outdoor fire pit, Adirondack chairs are an excellent choice. They’re comfortable, stylish, and durable, making them the perfect option for any outdoor space. Plus, they come in a variety of different colors and styles, so you can find the perfect set to match your décor.

Besides the wide range of colors that are available for this Adirondack chair set, you will also find that it includes a convenient cup holder so that you never need to worry about spilling your drink again.


Serwall Adirondack Chair for Patio Garden Outdoors Fire Pit- (Folding Gray)

SERWALL Adirondack Chair for Patio Garden Outdoors Fire Pit- (Folding Gray)


Chair that folds up well.

Made from high-impact polylumber

You can choose from ten different colors

Wicker Outdoor Fire Pit Furniture

8 sentences about Wicker Outdoor Fire Pit Furniture for fire pit:

Wicker outdoor fire pit furniture is the perfect way to enjoy your backyard while staying warm during the colder months. By using a fire pit, you can extend the amount of time you can spend outside in your yard. Not only is it a great place to gather around and stay warm, but a fire pit can also be used to cook food.

When choosing furniture for your fire pit, it is important to consider the type of material that will be best for your needs. Wicker furniture is a great option because it is lightweight and easy to move around. It is also resistant to heat and weather damage, making it perfect for use outdoors.


Devoko Patio Porch Furniture Sets 3 Pieces PE Rattan Wicker Chairs with Table Outdoor Garden Furniture Sets

Devoko Patio Porch Furniture Sets 3 Pieces PE Rattan Wicker Chairs with Table Outdoor Garden Furniture Sets (Brown/Beige)

Stackable chair set of two

 Material: rattan

Resistant to the elements


Looking for the perfect chair to put around your outdoor fire pit? Check out the teak lounge chair! This stylish chair is perfect for any outdoor space and will make you feel right at home around the fire. The high-quality teak construction means that this chair will last for years to come, and the natural finish will look great with any décor. So why not add a touch of luxury to your next backyard gathering with the teak lounge chair?


Walker Edison Rendezvous Modern 2 Piece Solid Acacia Wood Slat Back Outdoor Dining Chairs, Set of 2, Brown

Walker Edison Rendezvous Modern 2 Piece Solid Acacia Wood Slat Back Outdoor Dining Chairs, Set of 2, Brown

Swivel Chairs

If you’re looking for an interesting and comfortable way to enjoy your outdoor fire pit, consider using a set of swivel chairs. Swivel chairs are perfect for enjoying the warmth of a fire pit on a cool evening, and they add a touch of luxury to the experience. Swivel chairs can also be rotated to provide different views of the fire pit, making them perfect for social gatherings. If you’re looking for a new way to enjoy your outdoor fire pit, consider using swivel chairs.


PHI VILLA 5 Piece Patio Set with Firepit Table, 4 Swivel Patio Dining Chairs Textilene Fabric with Metal Frame & 1 28 Inch 50000 BTU Auto-Ignition Propane Gas Fire Pit Table

Acacia Wood Chair

We’ve got the perfect chair to make your next outdoor gathering around your fire pit even more enjoyable. Our Acacia Wood Chair for Fire Pit is made of beautiful acacia wood and is designed to fit perfectly around most fire pits. Not only is it comfortable and stylish, but it’s also durable enough to last through years of use. So gather your friends and family around the fire pit and enjoy a relaxing evening under the stars.


Plant Theatre Folding Adirondack Chair - Weather Resistant Acacia Wood Patio Chairs for Deck, Fire Pit, Lawn or Campfire - Outdoor Furniture

Plant Theatre Folding Adirondack Chair – Weather Resistant Acacia

Eucalyptus Adirondack Chair

A eucalptus chair is perfect for enjoying a warm fire on a cool night. The eucalyptus wood is resistant to rot and decay, making it the perfect choice for an outdoor chair. The natural oils in the wood also make it resistant to insects and weather damage. The chair is easy to assemble and comes with all of the hardware you need.


Outdoor Interiors CD3111 Eucalyptus Adirondack Chair and Built In Ottoman

Outdoor Interiors CD3111 Eucalyptus Adirondack Chair

Natural Wood Chair

Eco-safe natural wood chairs are made to last.

Go for a natural wood chair with a rustic design.

The beauty of natural wood furniture is that it can last for generations with proper care. However, not all natural wood furniture is created equal. Some pieces are treated with harsh chemicals that can be harmful to both people and the environment.

But eco-friendly natural wood furniture is becoming more popular as people become more aware of the dangers of chemical-treated furniture. Natural wood is beautiful and durable, and it doesn’t have to be treated with harmful chemicals to make it sturdy.

Eco-friendly natural wood chairs are a great choice for any home. They’re sturdy and stylish, and they won’t harm the environment.


  ​GloDea X36 

  • Handmade with a modern design and your comfort in mind
  • This fire pit chair is foldable for easy storage
  • Crafted from eco safe wood and packed in recyclable boxes
  • Dimensions when set up: L 27 x W 19.5 x H 26.5″
  • Weight: 19 pounds


Lakeland Mills 4-Foot Cedar Love Seat

  • This product is made of white cedar, which is insect resistant and weather resistant
  • Using renewable resources and byproducts from the log home industry
  • For greater comfort, it has curved seat slats

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